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Download Our Tip Sheet 'How to Use Social Media Data to Formulate Future Decisions'  

It’s all well and good having a market strategy in place but if you don’t take the time to measure your efforts how will you know what has been successful? 

With social media marketing, collecting and reviewing data and statistics will help you to understand where you are on the journey to reaching your business goals. Measuring progress offers insight into where to focus your attention to keep you on track or reinvigorate the plan if things have slipped. Understanding what to measure and how to interpret this data can be tricky. Download our tip sheet and take on board the following tips:

  • Consider every piece of the puzzle but look at the complete picture – tweets, posts and comments are important; analyze and use this data to build your own perspective of the landscape.
  • Let your present performance and your competitor’s stance influence your future decisions.
  • Look beyond individual metrics – there’s more to your strategy. Platform comparison and performance percentages should also be a focus.

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