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Download Our Tip Sheet 'Using Payment By Results to Create Better Campaigns' 

Understand What Tactics Provide Success

Clients are often attracted by the success of ‘payment-by-result’ (PBR) projects or campaigns. These types of projects help to focus a businesses on their campaign goals which results in a clear strategy and ultimately success. Download our guide to Payment by Results campaigns and see how you can adopt the following tips:

  • Measure your output of actions within the campaign, the outtakes of the actions of a campaign and the change in customer/client knowledge as a result of the campaign.
  • Choose what metrics are needed to achieve business goals. In the B2B arena, this translates into an increase in sales, winning over clients and better designs.
  • Know how to run your PBR program. This should be based on the nature of the project and should be tailored to the business goals.

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